New York is the most populated city in the United States of America. The city is organized in five county-level administrative divisions called boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, The Bronx, and Staten Island.

We are producing a series of time-lapse videos that will cover the most interesting parts of the five boroughs including their landmarks, the always-busy streets the world-famous skyline from different angles.

The first video is scheduled to be released in Fall 2018.


This is the only Internet site dedicated exclusively to time-lapse photography of the Greater New York metropolitan area.

New York Lapse will be the largest New York time-lapse archive ever created.

We have included different types of photography such as urban, architectural, cityscape, artistic, and experimental.

The concept for this project revolved around the development of an online virtual gallery that shows the dynamics of New York employing the so popular time-lapse photography technique.

New York Lapse will be New York the way you haven’t seen it before!

New York Time-Lapse Gallery

Browse our virtual gallery and be transported to the streets and parks of New York City. Click on the photos below to see a more detailed version.

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